With the CIM MODELING solution, we provide and we develop the modeling services for infrastructure projects such as: Road, Bridge, Bearing system, Drainage system, Lighting system, Maintenance and Upgrade. We have experienced the development of several projects involving both steel and concrete structure (including the prestressing structure).


We accurately and visually simulate the construction process through movies and images created from the 4D SIMULATION process. In this way, all changes in the field or on the schedule will be updated directly to the model, allowing managers to quickly understand the situation and make decisions easily.


Applying CIM 3D modeling, the T&T Design team can deploy, export or process sets of drawings with high accuracy, ensuring that the cutting and joining of rebar is calculated carefully without collision.

The materials used in the project can be easily counted according to meet the customer's criteria such as material grade, thickness/diameter... for different purposes (bidding, material estimation. , manufacturing, assembling components... ).