Company's Vision & Philosophy

T&T Design aims to create "Added Hybrid Values"
through its cutting-edge and unique approach in the design process of Structures and Buildings.

Company's Vision

With the strength of being part of Japanese group company. we are trained by experienced experts in Japan. We have tight connection with partners to promptly research and apply the most latest advanced technologies, contributing to promoting the innovation not only within the group but also for Vietnam in general.

Besides, not only for the construction industry, we also apply our knowledges in many different fields and aim to build the most professional and ideal working environment for employees.

日系のグループ会社である強み(日本国内の仕事に携わる、日本人技術者から教わる)に加え、 日本国内のグループ会社と密に連携を図り、業務に応じたIT(情報技術)を速やかに業務に取り入れることで、 建設ITを自社で開発・改善・管理し、グループ会社およびベトナム国の発展に貢献する。



"Once-in-a-lifetime chance" Value every single opportunity or meeting, try the best for the development of AEC (Architecture, Engineering and Construction) industry.

​Resonate strongly with the mission of group company "Upgrading/ Revolutionize the AEC industry information" by applying the most advanced of IT technologies.

『一期一会』 一つ一つの仕事および出会いを大切にし、社会インフラ(建設分野)の発展に貢献する。